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Long Haired Blue Eyed Cat

Belle arrived late in the evening for a last minute overnight stay. Her singer songwriter owner like more and more of my customers, is not allowed to keep a cat in her apartment. A last minute appointment by her landlord had left her terrified that her best friend Belle, would be discovered, rendering them both homeless. Indeed Belle a large fluffy Rag doll cross with enormous blue eyes, a tiny pink nose outlined in black and a spectacular ruff around her neck would be difficult to hide.

Katie, Belle’s owner was understandably flustered having left home under the cover of darkness, fearful that gossipy neighbours might report her and worried that Belle would be scared on her first night away from home..

She needn't have worried, Belle stepped out of her cat basket unfazed and after a good sniff around hopped onto the couch and sat down next to me. She is a very affectionate kitty and after a couple of strokes and a cheek rub, she was rolling around on the rug purring ecstatically and gazing up at me with a look that begged for more. Before bed I gave her thick, healthy coat a good brush and Belle swooned

again, dropping onto the sofa next to me and rolling onto her back before falling into a gentle sleep.

In the morning I couldn't find her anywhere, until I spotted her furry face and lovely blue eyes staring at me from the mouth of the cat cave in the corner of the room.

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