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Narla and Koko

Koko and Narla have just moved and although on the face of it they are very happy and clearly love their new home. Koko is having difficulty settling in. They love the window s and the fact that their new home has stairs and they particularly love the huge cat fountain (or sink as their parents call it) that is set in the middle of a granite worktop at the centre of the kitchen. But they don’t like that are not allowed outside yet. The vet has recommended that they are kept indoors for a couple of weeks until they settle in. Koko is not happy and has taken to pooping whenever and wherever she feels the like. I arrive at the house and am greeted by a very happy Koko. I can see Narla hovering in the background, unsure what to make of me. Just to the left of Narla, in front of the kitchen sink, I notice the poop. I look from Koko to Narla and they look at each other and then back at me. Whilst the two cats are eating, I clean the offending area and once cleaned, I cover it with a freshly cleaned litter tray. The rest of the visit is spent playing with the two cats and Narla, although initially reluctant soon proves her skill as a hunter, managing to catch the toy I’m swinging in front of them every time.

The next day I arrive and both cats are at the door to greet me. I had to the litter tray that I left in the kitchen and I’m happy to see it has been used and the kitchen floor is clear. I feed the hungry cats and head to the bathroom to check the other tray. It’s clean but the has a rather large poop in the middle. I remove and clean and place the second litter tray in the middle of the bath.

Whilst washing my hands Koko jumps on the counter and stares transfixed at the steady stream of water coming from the tap. I turn the tap so there is a slow flow and sure enough Koko pops her head under it and begins to drink. Before long Narla approaches and soon the two are guzzling the water from the tap. Eventually they stop and I cuddle Koko with one arm and play with Narla with the other.

They continue to use the bath as a toilet whilst I’m there but when the owners return they gradually allow the cats more and more access to the garden and the cats eventually stop going top the toilet in the house altogether. They do however, continue to use the kitchen sink as there own personal water fountain.

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