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Missy Scottish Fold

When Missy and her owner failed to arrive at midday as previously arranged, I decided to give them a call. Missy’s owner answered immediately, ‘I’ll be there in 15 minutes’ she said ‘just as soon as I can find the cat’.

They arrive about an hour later, Missy meowing her protest at being uprooted until the taxi came to halt outside my front door. Then standing on the tips of her furry paws she peered out of her basket and for the first time since they left their home, was silent.

Missy is a super soft, jet black Scottish Fold, her large eyes magnified to enormous proportions by her tiny folded ears. Safely ensconced in my apartment, Missy immediately began seeking out the darkest spots, tucking herself away beneath a low cupboard and staring out at me. But Missy, a curious and trusting character quickly shook off her initial nerves, popping her head out from beneath the cupboard and sauntering nonchalantly past me. Pausing mid stride with one paw placed daintily in front of the other, Missy waits a second or two before throwing me a glance over her shoulder to let me know she is ready for her first stroke of appreciation.

Missy is soon outside on the cat protected balcony inspecting the plants and after a power nap explores the rest of the apartment. Although not what you would call an active cat, Missy loves to play, chasing feathers and hunting toy mice. She is quickly bored though and soon abandons her games to climb the steps of the platform cat bed. Here she can have a private snooze while keeping an eye on the goings on below.

Before going to bed, I say good night to Missy who is snoozing lazily on the platform with one paw slung casually over the side and I wonder if, as her owner mentioned, Missy would come and sleep at the bottom of my bed. I wake early in anticipation and sit up squinting into the darkness, trying to make out the shape of Missy at the foot of my bed. Disappointed, I turn to go back to sleep and there she is curled up and gently snoring on my pillow.

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