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Vladimir and Sumo

Vladimir, is a striking 2 yr old silver Siberian with gentle green eyes and a sweet face. I haven’t seen him for a year, but he runs up to me when I arrive and greets me like an old friend. There have been a few changes since the last visit, Vladimir is now the proud, elder brother of Sumo, a large, soft and fluffy 10 month old kitten. Sumo bounds past Vladimir to say hello, noting his warning look, but choosing to ignore it. He is bouncy with a friendly face, blue eyes and huge soft paws. Vladimir takes a back seat while Sumo introduces himself by putting his two front paws on my leg, pointing his face in my direction and bumping my nose with his.

The two siblings play in the garden, Sumo pouncing on his brother and trying to drag him to the ground. Vladimir gently admonishes him as they both fall onto the grass. At dinner time I head to the kitchen followed by Vladimir who hops onto the counter and Sumo who tracks us on the floor. Vladimir circles the sink from his counter top position, pushing his furry head into mine at every opportunity. Sumo, stares up at us, longing to join in, but will not cross the invisible boundary set by his sibling.

Food ready, and I carry their bowls to their separate feeding areas. Sumo is at my feet running a few steps ahead, whist Vladimir springs across the worktops beside me eventually coming to the end and without breaking a stride landing on the floor just in front of Sumo. I drop Sumo’s dinner off at his food station and he breaks away, hopping onto the bottom floor of his cat tree where his dinner now awaits him. Vladimir and I continue on to the end of the room. He jumps up onto the roof of his cat house landing just before his dinner and diving straight in.

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