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As a kitten Lily was the smallest of the bunch with short, stubby fur. The only one of her siblings that hadn’t been ‘coo’ed’ over and chosen by strangers to be given a home when she came of age. The owner of the kittens was wondering what to do about Lily when there was a knock at the door. A couple had got lost and were asking for directions and the owner invited them in. The couple saw Lily, fell in love and adopted her instantly. Such was Lily’s gratitude that her stubby fur immediately grew into a fluffy and lustrous coat and all of her whiskers curled with pleasure. The new owners couldn't have been more pleased and Lily was adored by the whole family, often travelling to Kensington to spend time with their young granddaughter Mia. When a stray cat decided to move in with the couple, Lily quite naturally upped sticks and moved into Mia’s Kensington home and has been residing there ever since.

So when she arrived with her overnight bag for her stay at my place Lily, a seasoned traveller was completely unfazed. Hopping out of the basket she headed straight for the window and squeezed onto the cat protected balcony, jumping up onto the wicker bench and surveying the street below.

Minutes later she was running through the cat tunnel before disappearing and reappearing on the top tier of the little cat tree. Looking at Lily from behind you could be forgiven for thinking that she is a completely black cat. Her body is a series of rounds in varying sizes with two twitching triangles for ears balanced on top. Her fabulous curled Whiskers sprout from the sides of her face and top of her head and her furry black tail flaps with excitement whenever there is the slightest movement around her.

When Lily finally notices me, I realise that she is not a black cat at all, her underbelly and paws are completely white. She has a tiny black chin tucked in a white collar, white cheeks, half a white nose and nestled in her black fur are two of the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen.

She is an extremely happy cat, bounding towards me with the sole purpose of having a cuddle. She will stop directly under my hand and spin around giving herself a circular massage. Lily is also extremely polite, sitting in front of her breakfast bowl in the morning she looks up at me eagerly and waits to be served.

When a friend of mine came to visit, Lily upon hearing the doorbell took refuge behind the sofa. But before my friend has even sat down Lily has popped out with her tail held high and her head cocked upwards to say hello. Hopping on the sofa between the two of us as we chat, she purrs away contentedly and rolls over onto her back, her little paws in the air as we take it in turn to stroke her.

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