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Pandora and Chicken meet Supermouse


My two lovely friends arrived at 8am this morning with their owner Alex, and after escaping their baskets, ran around re-aquainting themselves with everything. They have both grown bigger, Pandora being wider in the face and Chicken looking sleeker and firmer and much less chicken like than before. They both paused and stared with interest at the closed bedroom door before continuing their inspection of my flat, curious but too distracted to hang around. After Alex said goodbye ( as always convinced they would forget him as soon as he walked out of the door, but giving them both an extra cuddle just in case they didn’t), I opened up the bedroom and first Pandora and then Chicken, disappeared under the bed.

It was a few hours before they reappeared, Pandora announcing their entrance by sitting down and letting out a short meow, while Chicken followed tripping over Pandoras tale while trying to catch a piece of floating fluff. They both skirted around me (even though it is their third visit and we are already firm friends) and headed for the balcony. Before long they were transfixed by the comings and goings of passers by and they sat fascinated watching the world go by.


Later still Pandora, or Chicken discovered the super strength catnip filled mouse that Anita had brought around a few weeks ago to lull Rocky, the terrified house cat I had staying at the time, into a more receptive state. Unfortunately it didn’t work for Rocky but instantly sent Pandora into a wild frenzy while Chicken looked on, puzzled and slightly disturbed by the affect the catnip mouse was having on her sister. When Pandora finally discarded the mouse Chicken approached it wearily, giving it a casual bat with her paw, before collapsing into a heap and succumbing to it’s heady scent.





A couple of friends popped in to say hello and Pandora and Chicken spent much of the evening in and out of the bedroom, occasionally joining the conversation. Now and then their footsteps could be heard tearing through the hallway before they’d arrive together in a scramble, stopping abruptly in the doorway as our heads turned to greet them. My friends and I were sitting around reminiscing about life, when Pandora came wandering in from the bedroom and finding herself in a group of people sat down in an available space, joining our little group to make a circle. As Sarah pontificated about the meaning of life, waving her arms to illustrate her point, Pandora watched enraptured, her head bouncing along with the movement of Sarah’s hands. Suddenly her head jerked sharply away as a tiny fly lead her dancing away down the hallway.

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