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Rosa and Silver come to Visit


When Rosa and Silver, the two, one year old Burmese sisters arrived this morning all I could see were their two little twitching noses, four huge eyes, and the sparkle of their diamante collars. Their humans, Kirstin and Sukyee watched anxiously as they tripped out of their baskets and ran around the front room, excitedly rubbing and sniffing everything in sight.

Once Kirsten and Sukyee had finished telling me about Silver and Rosa’s personalities (how they liked to play fight and chase each other around at night, and about Silvers sensitive tummy ), it was time for them to go and get ready for their own adventure, and I was left with the two excited little kittens.


At first they hardly seemed to notice when their owners left the flat as they were still busy rubbing their scent on everything to make themselves feel at home. But as soon Silver, he climbed into the grey cat den, crawled under the cushion and hid. Silver is slick and elegant, with lovely soft dark grey fur and extra big light green eyes. The fur around her eyes is a slightly darker grey making her look slightly anxious as though she has been up all night worrying.


Rosa is also very beautiful, a Torti with an unusual coat that is a lighter grey than her sister’s and streaked with little dabs of a fawny pink colour and occasional patches of white. She has a little white bib and a split coloured nose that is half black and half mottled white and pink. Even Rosas toes and eyebrows are tipped with white, which makes her look very pretty, as though she has just put her makeup on, but at the same time giving her the wizened look of an older cat.

While Rosa carried on running around like mad, jumping on everything in sight and giving it a thorough inspection, Silver had decided the best thing for her to do while she gathered her thoughts, was to hide somewhere safe and warm. It was quite a good idea as from her position in the cat den, under the cushion, she could watch exactly what was going on without being seen herself. Every now and then I would gently lift up the cushion and give her a comforting stroke as she stared up at me with her big worried eyes. Rosa did her very best to reassure her, taking a break from her fifth hundredth circuit of the living room to go over to the den and give her a friendly bump on the nose.

Continuing her inspection Rosa, on one of her patrols around the flat brushed past the little furry bird that was dangling off of the door frame in the kitchen. She sat back on her hind legs reaching up for it and grabbing it with her paw and catching it in her mouth. She tried to walk away from it but the elastic it was attached to stretched out as far as it could go then snapped back snatching the little furry bird from her mouth and bouncing it into the air. Rosa looked back in shock, following the bird as it bounced up and down on it’s string. Silver watched with growing curiosity, her ears twitching underneath her cushion as rosa made another attempt to catch the bird, but again it sprung from her grasp and bounced off in another direction. Silver poked her nose out and shook the cushion off of her head so she could get a better view as a frustrated Rosa pawed and smacked at the constantly escaping bird. Before she even realised what she was doing Silver sped over to the bird and soon they were both happily batting the toy from side to side and taking turns to pounce on it, before it inevitably sprung from their grip.


During the evening they continued to play often rubbing my legs and demanding lots of and cuddles. As soon as I stroked either of them they collapse on the floor and roll around like puppies who want their tummies tickled. Later that evening when I was watching television Rosa came and squashed up next to me, curling into a ball and snoozing contentedly. Silver kept her distance still a little bit wary and stood on the arm of the chair watching over Rosa and I as we drifted off to sleep. I woke a few minutes later to a commotion somewhere by my feet which where dangling off of the bed. Rosa was hidden ghost like underneath a white blanket that was hanging from the sofa, and it seemed like her and Silver were having a boxing match. It was very funny watching Silver gently boxing at the blanket covered cat while Rosa hit back at her blindly with blanket covered paws.

As the night went on I got more tired but the kittens got more energetic leaping, bounding and prancing around play fighting, but eventually it was bedtime for me. I could still hear them running and playing as I closed the door on them gently and went off to get some sleep.

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