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Chocolate Cat

Three year old Chocolate, Scottish Fold, Misia has only just reunited with her owner and is letting her know how happy she is to see her by refusing to budge off of her lap. Unfortunately for Misia, her owner has obligations and two days after she arrives, has to leave for a short work trip. Luckily for me I am booked to do twice daily visits for this stunning cat. Misia is at the door when I arrive and sniffs my outstretched hand. She marches up and down in front of me, rubbing her body and cheeks on my legs and happily follows me to her feeding area. Misia’s owner worries she doesn’t eat enough and I follow her instructions for dinner. Mixing cat soup and another wet food together with warm water, Misia politely takes a few bites before wandering off. I take a little silver spoon out of the drawer, load it with food and point it in Misia’s direction. Before long she is standing next to me happily eating food from the spoon until most of it is finished.Rubbing my leg to say thank you, Misia then wanders upstairs and hops into the bathroom sink. I gently turn the tap on and she pops one of her furry, brown paws under the running water and uses the damp paw to wash her face. Misia completes her ablutions in the sink, giving herself a thorough bath. Only when she is completely clean does she hop out and join me in the sitting room ready to play.

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