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The first time I meet Reggie he looks down at me dolefully from his perch on the kitchen counter. His clear, amber eyes are set in a handsome furry ginger and white face. At roughly 12 years old he enjoys the simple things in life. Dinner, a cuddle and a good muzzle brush and Reggie is happy and dribbling with appreciation. One evening I try to encourage him to chase a toy but he just looks at me with those world weary eyes and snuggles up a little closer. I put it down to his advancing years but when the next morning I throw a treat across the kitchen, Reggie springs into action, leaping off of the kitchen counter and skidding to a halt in front of the treat. The treat game becomes a regular part of our visits and they now all end with Reggie chasing, pouncing on and devouring treats.

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