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Beautiful Bibi

Bibi Notting Hill Cat Company

Bibi, an exotic shorthair is a small cat, mostly black with random white patches, she has a completely flat, round face with huge yellow almond eyes and whiskers that are curled in the style of Hercule Poirot. I am visiting Bibi in her home daily while her owners are away and she follows me, wrapping her body around my legs as I prepare her breakfast. She is not hugely interested in food and is happier when I have sat down on the floor and she can bury her cheeks in the palms of my hand. Standing on the tips of her paws Bibi points her face upwards and pushes it into my palm, her tale swirling in excitement like a snake behind her. Bibi purrs like a refrigerator, revelling in the attention and her almond eyes glisten with pleasure. Eventually Bibi collapses exhausted and melts into my side, her eyes closed and whiskers curled into a smile beside me.

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