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Julio is a beautiful, white Persian. His fur has recently been trimmed into a convenient Lion cut, so while his head, tail and paws remain fluffy his body has been neatly trimmed. Julio appears briefly at the top of the stairs when I arrive, and glances at me before rushing up a few steps and waiting for me to follow. When he reaches the first landing by way of greeting he points his ears at the floor and dives onto the sisal carpet rolling back and forth. I follow him as he continues up the stairs to the bathroom where his feeding station is. When he is happily munching away I sit in the adjoining bedroom checking my emails, until I hear the sound of a tiny thump as Julio lands on the bathroom sink. He signals me with a meow and pops his head around the door to see where I am. I turn the cold tap on and Julio, putting his two paws into the sink, leans forwards and starts lapping up the water. Once his thirst is quenched, he joins me in the bedroom jumping onto the queen size bed and leaving damp footprints from his still wet paws on the quilt. He collapses onto the bed rolling over with his legs and huge paws suspended in mid-air. Fixing me with his huge eyes, he nudges his flat face into my hands so he gets his cheeks and the underside of his chin rubbed. On my evening visits, I carry Julio to the window, his paws draped over my arm. He watches with curiosity the street life below.

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