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Little Lola is an anxious kitty and on my first visit she poops on the living room rug and urinates on the sofa. She nuzzles me demanding a cuddle but after only a few strokes she gets annoyed and bats my hand away with her paw. I clean the mess away and hope it’s a one off. The next morning to my surprise I cannot find her anywhere. I check the cupboards and under sofas with rising panic when I hear a faint meow. Relieved I do a slower more methodical search but still cannot find the little black cat. I suddenly catch sight of her amidst escalating meows perched 25ft up on top of the pelmet of the floor to ceiling windows. ‘ Meiiooowww’ she cries, relieved to have finally been spotted. Lola is stuck. I soon find a ladder and coax her from the window to the bookshelf, then scoop the shocked pussy cat into my arms and carry her down before she has a chance to object. After that we are firm friends although the toilet issues continue. I consult the owner about the best way forward. The next day I arrive armed with multiple Feliway diffusers, plastic and cloth dustsheets and a Feliway room spray. There are two litter trays and I remove the lid from both of them. I cover the sofa and rug with first the plastic and then the cloth dust sheets, plug the diffusers in and squirt a generous amount of spray into the air. After breakfast, we settle onto the dust sheet and she positions herself next to me and stretches out as I stroke and rub her cheeks, back and chin whilst reading my book. She is soon rolling over and purring with pleasure. When I stop and turn a page of my book, Lola stops too and takes my hand in her two outstretched paws and pulls them gently to her chin. The next visit and all inappropriate toileting has stopped completely and although I keep the dust sheets on as a precaution, Lola never messes outside the box again. Halfway through my booking Lola’s owner lets me know a friend is coming to stay with Lola for a few days so I needn’t visit her. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen Lola and I am starting to miss this little cat whom is always at the door when I arrive, waiting patiently for me to finish my chores before rolling over to make room for me on the floor next to her, when I get a panicked call from the house sitter. Lola has been stuck on top of the window frame for hours and she can’t get her down. I go immediately and rescue a distressed Lola from atop the window frame. She purrs with happiness and circles me as I give her cuddle and gently scold her for being naughty. The house sitter is soon forgiven by Lola and by the time she leaves and Lola and I return to our normal routine they are the very best of friends.

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