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Humphrey the Tuxedo Cat

At 9 months old, Humphrey the Tuxedo Cat with a white moustache dotted above his mouth and a perfect triangle of white on his nose is convinced there is an enemy living behind the computer and possibly under the quilt. Scrambling over the sofa he crouches at the slightest noise, ears back listening intently, waiting for any sign of movement then springs. Humphrey lands with all four paws spread and disappears behind the computer accidentally turning it on and grabbing my attention.

It wasn't always like this. When Henry arrived a few days earlier, although initially curious as soon as his owner left he disappeared into the litter cupboard and hid. The door was slightly ajar and when Humphrey spotted me peeping around to have a look he ducked into the litter tray. For the next couple of hours Humphrey was so quiet I almost forgot he was there.

‘Henry’ I called a little while later. The tips of his ears emerged slowly from the top of the litter tray, followed by his huge round eyes, his nose, his moustache and eventually his whole face. I put out my hand for him to sniff and his head darted out of view again.

When darkness fell suddenly Humphrey appeared by my side, hopping up on my lap and stretching his neck out so he could see over the top of my desk. Gradually he started to explore venturing further afield and playing with the toys he encountered along the way.

Later he lay on my outstretched legs and we watched television before Humphrey followed me to bed, curling up to sleep by my side. I awoke in the night to find him sleeping in a ball on my pillow,

A rambunctious, sociable kitty Humphrey loves a good cuddle, often pulling my hand to his head for a good rub. He drapes himself over the furniture his head hanging off of the bed or sofa with his striking white whiskers standing out against his black fur. 4am and Humphrey is full of energy. He sets off around the flat running through rooms, hunting imaginary enemies and flying straight up the cat steps to the platform bed. He eventually comes to a stand still and collapsing exhausted on the pillow next to me he falls immediately into a deep sleep.

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