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Invigorated by her early morning bike ride, her basket strapped firmly to her owners back,

Margot hopped out of her carrier and immediately came and said hello. I noticed her tail

had lost none of its trademark quiver as she headed off in the direction of the bedroom. Not

put off by the closed door, she pushed it open with one paw and disappeared to her

favourite spot under the bed.

A self assured cat with a permanently upright tail Margot likes to spend the day in a semi

alert snooze. Occasionally she will wonder into the front room and remind me that it's

feeding time by looking ernest and licking her lips. If this fails to make dinner appear she will

follow me emitting a series of tiny meows. If, however she wants a chin rub she will

approach me with a throaty purr and extend a soft and furry paw.

Margot spends her first night with me sleeping at the foot of my bed and I wake up to find

her staring at me with questioning eyes. I am just falling back to sleep when she trots up my

body. Margot peers at me over the top of the quilt, double checking I suppose, that it's still


I wake at daybreak and Margot is sitting on the window ledge watching the sun come up.

She is completely oblivious to me as another impossible breakfast flies past. Her chirruping

purrs blend perfectly with the morning birdsong.

#coolcat #nottinghillcatboarding

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