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Rosa and Silver

The two Burmese sisters Rosa and Silver arrive, as they do this time ever year, looking a little

bit older and wiser.

As kittens they were inseparable spilling out of their baskets and heading off together to

explore. Today however Silver immediately disappears under a chair with Rosa aiming a

haughty hiss after her. Gazing out, partially hidden by a floor cushion, I notice that Silver’s

face has become more chiselled over time, the detail of her eyes, nose and mouth softly

outlined with black. They both have clear green eyes but Rosa’s face has grown plumper.

Her brow, lashes and nose are covered in a powdery white and pink smudges that spread

across her body . There diamanté collars sparkle against their soft grey fur.

As soon as silver can, she escapes into the bedroom leaving an irate Rosa to claim the front

room as her own. The situation hasn’t improved when a few hours later a potential

customer arrives for a visit. Silver is trapped in the bedroom her every move blocked by

Rosa. She hovers hopefully in the hallway but Rosa produces a low growl that prevents

Silver from crossing the threshold. Oh dear, I thought, not a great advertisement for my cat

boarding business, one cat held hostage by another. But I needn't have worried as soon as

my guest sat down Rosa hopped into her lap and nestled under her jacket.

Silver resigned herself to the bedroom and when we went to visit her she purred, preened

and stretched with delight, rolling back and forth while we tickled her tummy. Rosa sat

sheepishly in the bedroom doorway rubbing the underneath of her chin thoughtfully on the

edge of the door.

Later that evening my friend Steph popped over. As we drank wine over the kitchen counter

Rosa hopped onto her mini skirted lap and purred contentedly. When Silver wandered

absentmindedly into the kitchen, Rosa purr changed to a low growl. Steph's eyes widened as

Rosa’s claws popped out making instant ladders in Steph’s tights. As I detached her Rosa

wiggled out of my arms, chasing Silver back into the bedroom.

Rosa’s mood softened over time and she pretended not to notice as a chastened Silver

slunk back into the front room. Although fractious their relationship was soon back on

equal terms. They often slept together in an armchair, coming into the bedroom in the early

morning only to enquire about breakfast.

One morning rosa awoke earlier than silver and crawled under the covers with me, warming

herself against my skin. 5 minutes later Silver appeared looking with mounting suspicion for

her sister. When I pulled back the cover to expose Rosa snoozing they both yelped with

surprise, colliding with each other before sprinting off in opposite directions.

Annoyed, Silver made herself scarce the rest of the day. When I discarded my slippers,

throwing them into the shoebox under the bed, they immediately flew back out followed by

an irritated Silver. She gave me a withering look as she headed back to the shoebox to finish

her nap.

Eventually the sisters established a routine. Early morning they both hop onto the bed, Rosa

ducking under the covers and Silver atop.

As day breaks they gather in front of the window and wait for the sun to come up.

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