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This little bundle of love arrived for a day visit in a little shopping bag.

They arrived late Napster and her owner, because Elaine explained ' soon as napster saw her carry bag she disappeared behind the piano and had to be coaxed out with treats.' Once here, Napster popped her head out of the shopper, had a quick look at her surroundings and then wandered around all day like she owned the place, looking unimpressed and demanding treats. At 15 years old this little madam is as well travelled as she is spritely and when it was time to go home she sat obediantly by her little bag and looked up at me with big, round, unblinking eyes. 'O no' I thought, as I put her gently in her bag with her favourite toys, 'she can't wait to get out of here'. But no sooner had I zipped it up, when Napster taking me by surprise, burst out and scarpered behind the couch. Luckily there is no grand piano here for her to hide behind and her getaway was thwarted. Napster gave in gracefully and soon she was zipped up safely in her little bag and zooming off in a taxi all the way home.

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