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Medicine Time


Sway arrived with a mysterious inch long cut on the back of his right leg. The vet has supplied some medicine but being such a fluffy thing it’s hard to locate the exact position of the cut, and being a relative stranger the first couple of times I bathed and put gel on Sways wound, were a little tricky. I held Sway gently but firmly from behind and dabbed the cotton soaked wool onto where I imagined the wound was. He’d soon wiggle out of my grip and I certainly don’t want to jeopardize or new relationship by getting heavy handed. But the wet solution does the trick and now the fur is wet at least, and I can clearly see where the cut is. The next bit is easy I just put a blob of gel on my finger and wait for Sway to innocently reveal his back leg (while he’s eating or playing) and dab it on. The gel must be left on for thirty minutes so it can do it’s work, and every time Sway dips his head down for a lick, I dangle a feather on a string in front of him for distraction.

This morning I was ready, armed with chicken treats and a feather toy and I was determined to do a good job. I shook the treats and Sway bounded through the window, franticly looking left and right for the sound of tiny chicken pieces. I poured a couple out onto his tray and then once he’d finished, scooped him up and put him belly out onto my lap. I’d already prepared th,e solution and a soaked piece of cotton wool hung ready over the side of the bowl. ‘Meeeoooow’ Sway yelped as I leant over trying to find the cut, and when I couldn’t, liberally squeezing the solution over the place I thought it should be. ‘MEEEOOOOW’, Sway wiggled and again I relented and let him go. He hurried away with a determined look on his face, mad at himself for being tricked into stopping for treats, when he had plenty of other things to do. I followed him on my knees for a bit, head down to the floor trying to see if the cut was exposed. When Sway headed under the wrting desk in the corner, I panicked, and grabbed his treats and shook them loudly. Sway turned and looked at me excitedly, all thoughts of medicine and wet fur replaced by sheer puppy like delight as Sway charged towards me, head waggling in anticipation, nose in the air and his tail bouncing behind him like a magnificent plummage. I gave him another treat and this time managed to clean the rest of the cut will he ate it, and occasionally yelped with disapproval, before legging it out of the room.


'Sway' I called gently 'Meow' came the distant, yet dubious reply. ' Sway” I called again inching closer and giving a gently shake of the treats. Suddenly his face appeared in the hallway and he eyed me and the treats with suspicion. I'd nearly finished dressing the cut and the final bit of the treatment, a blob of gel that had to be smeared over it, was resting on my index finger, while my other hand held the treats. I shook them again a little harder this time and his head snapped in their direction. I continued shaking the tube of treats and he charged towards me, flying over the rug and cushions and landing in an abrupt halt at my feet, his eyes locked on to the green tube containing the treats and his body quivered in anticipation. Smiling I poured a couple more treats out and put the container upright on the rug. Like an alcoholic that's been pushed off the wagon, Sways head sunk low as he gorged on the treats and I quickly dabbed the gel on his wound. He yelped with pain as it made contact with his still sore flesh, then stopped to look at me briefly before turning an accusing eye on the treats, that now stood upright and abandoned in the center of the room. With one almighty swipe of his huge, fluffy paw, Sway knocked them flying to the ground, gathered up his pride and hurried out of the room.


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