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Baguettes Paws


Baguette has been keeping me company the last few days and is as funny as she is sweet. Now she is settled in she has access to the bedroom and disappears for an hour or two, bird watching at the window or snuggling under the bed in my shoe box. The real bonus however is that at night she comes in and sleeps next to me. Typically she lands on my back, and I feel the dent of her just below the nape of my nape. She pauses before walking up the back of my head and dismounting at the top, landing gently on the mattress. Occasionally she’ll tuck her head under and make eye contact, but more often than not she’ll continue on, sauntering down the side of my body until she’s found a comfortable curve that she’ll snuggle, purring, into. At night I can feel her gentle weight leaning against me, or sometimes I don’t; I completely forget about her and then am surprised when I come across a snoozing furball hidden in the folds of the quilt.


Yesterday morning while lying in bed Baguette came to bid me ‘bonjour’ and find out where here breakfast was. Jumping up onto the bed beside me she breathed noisily and by way of greeting, pushed her head down forcefully into mine, and started padding beside me. I went to give her a reassuring stroke, my hand emerging suddenly from below the quilt and startling Baguette into a blind panic. Her eyes darted around the room searching for an escape route, before abandoning the idea and charging over my face. Long wisps of white hair fill my mouth as Baguettes large fluffy paw lands in my eye socket, fitting perfectly, I notice, before everything briefly darkens, as the other paws scrambled to find their way out.


Luckily Baguettes paws are as soft as they are fluffy and unless provoked she is an extremely gentle cat. Seemingly unaware of the set of flick knives she is carrying around with her she tends to use her paws for more subtle operations, like knocking things off of shelves, which I think is one of her favourite things to do. Occasionally she will just plonk a paw on your arm and leave it there while you wonder at its softness, or she’ll bounce onto your lap, roll onto her back and the go limp, her back and front paws flopping, pads up, over the sides of your legs…


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