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Baguette's summer holiday

I had a couple of days free to wind down after my adventures with Hummus, and then, into my life like a breeze floated the wonderfully named Baguette. Most un-sandwich like, she arrived with her nose pointing up in the air and her beautiful coat wafting around her like candy floss. At only a year, she is a big kitten and if it wasn’t for her questioning eyes and fluffy paws she could easily be taken for a mature cat. Baguette is far to curious to waste any time hiding and trotted around the front room like a little pony, sniffing everything she came into contact with. She was particularly taken with her own image, and spent quite a while gazing in the mirror paw to paw with her own reflection. Trying to outwit herself by moving her paws from place to place, and flummoxed as her moves were anticipated and matched every time.


Indeed every time I looked she was somewhere different, either on top, underneath or sniffing out something new. She loves the balcony and made a b-line for the cat grass, later sitting on the rattan armchair for ages and watching traffic. Incredibly trusting and friendly she wasted no time on her first day twisting around my legs and jumping on the sofa and sidling up next to me; she even gave me a nose bump. Not yet quite sure of me though, she wouldn’t let me give her a proper stroke and batted my hand away with her baby soft paws.

Later at bedtime she curled up on an armchair and watched me ruefully as I said goodnight and headed for the bedroom.

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