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On my first visit to this handsome, young Ginger cat, I find him hiding under his owners bed. We have only met briefly once before so he is understandably weary. I proffer him a treat, lying flat on the floor so I can slide it towards him under the bed. Garfield gobbles it up immediately and wiggles his way out from under the bed, nudging his head into my arm before staring up at me with the most beautiful amber eyes I have ever seen. From that minute on we are firm friends and our half an hour visits are full of fun and pass by in a flash.

At a year and a half Garfield is a big, healthy cat. His amber, sometimes orange eyes match his tabby coat that is striped with varying shades of a gingery brown. He has a gentle, warm nature and loves attention and company, circling my feet and purring as he is stroked before climbing onto my knees and pushing his head into my hands.

Garfield loves to play and so do I. His favourite toy at the moment are his owners hair bands and I flick them around the room. Garfield dives over furniture, fly’s through the air and skids under tables to retrieve them. With the hairband in his mouth he tosses it in the air and rolling onto his back catches it and bats it between his paws. When not playing he loves a cuddle and I often gather him

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