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Although Chupa’s owners swear he is a 100% British Short Hair, I am sure he has been crossed with a teddy bear. He is has the beautiful a soft, white and silver grey coat, a wide round face, bright, light green eyes full of wonder and a little pink nose nestled into his fur. He arrives on his first birthday and pads around my apartment exploring, his stripy tail straight up and pink nose sniffing the air. Every where Chupa goes there is a little cloud of silver hairs floating behind him. He adores company and deliberately swerves into your leg every time he passes, leaving his calling card, a smudge of fine hairs on everything he touches.

When Chupa’s owners check in a few hours after dropping him off he is still wandering around inspecting the furniture and sniffing the air. He is usually an indoor cat so when I open up the protected balcony for Chupa to explore, he immediately runs for cover.

That night Chupa settles onto a cushion under my bed and at about 5am I wake to see him climbing over the mountainous quilt until he arrives at my pillow. Softly he pushes his furry head into mine and looks at me earnestly. I give him a stroke of reassurance and before long he has disappeared back under the bed. I manage to get another hours sleep before we have breakfast.

After yet another circuit of the apartment, Chupa’s curls up in the armchair snoozing until its time for his midday snack. He gobbles it up and disappears under the bed. In the evening I open up the balcony again and Chupa, wide awake now, tentatively starts to explore. He is soon nestled on a cat tree munching on a Japanese Maple. He stays on the balcony until long after the sun sets.

Chupa settles in quickly. Now in the mornings he romps over the bed and when I rub his cheeks he collapses onto my pillow purring with pleasure. He meows softly and hops off the bed taking a few steps before turning around to see if I am following him. If not he jumps back on the bed, laying down next to me. It’s not long before Chupa is bored and after gently nudging me awake, he wanders off into the hallway. After a few seconds he pops his head through the door and meows to get my attention. It is clearly time for breakfast.

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