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Ginger and Timmy

These two young cats are regular guests with Notting Hill Cat Company, and although Ginger the larger of the two cats, still gets a bit shy on arrival, Timmy, with his shiny black coat and clear eyes, is immediately at home. He wanders around with his tail up, giving the furniture a cursory rub, before hopping up the cat stairs and taking his place on top of the kitty cloud, a platform bed where our feline guests can relax, undisturbed. It doesn’t take long for Ginger’s gentle but curious character to emerge and the two cats are soon spending time on the balcony and chasing each other around the living room. In the evening Ginger curls up on my lap and at night Timmy sleeps at the bottom of my bed.

Ginger spends the day napping in the bedroom, moving position in time with the sun. Timmy prefers the kitty cloud and his proficiency at climbing the cat steps improves by the minute. You may just catch a black flash out of the corner of your eye as he disappears in a blur up the steps. A shake of the cat treats gets Timmy zig zagging back down and Ginger will appear, bleary eyed and yawning from his favourite spot in the master bedroom.

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