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Melody and Gizmo

I can hear Gizmo’s distinctive meow as soon as I arrive at the vet to collect him. A six month old Sphinx kitten, Gizmo has had tummy trouble and after a week of confinement he is eager to get out. Armed with a constantly meowing Gizmo and wiggling in his basket we walk along Kensington High Street in the direction of his home. Although fond of Gizmo, Melody, he’s older adopted Persian sister has enjoyed having the place to herself while he has been away. Eating her meals in peace without the permanently hungry Gizmo nudging his head into the bowl and enjoying my full attention. She shoots me a worried look as I put the meowing basket on the ground and open it up. Gizmo flies straight out past Melody, who follows him trying to catch up in order to get a sniff.

Gizmo bounces from the cat scratcher to the sofa not sure which he is the happiest to see. Melody eventually catches up with him in the kitchen and Gizmo slows down just long enough to touch faces and say hello. I give them both their dinner and take leave of the pair who are now play fighting on the sofa.

When I arrive the next morning, Melody looks exhausted and Gizmo is still hyper. A huge tin of treats has been masterfully knocked off the kitchen counter and lays open and empty on the floor, a fine mist of powder floating in the air around it.

I play with Gizmo trying to tire him out in the half an hour before I have to leave for my next cat visit. Mindful that Melody needs attention too I pick her up and she melts into my arms happy to be out of Gizmo’s reach. Standing in front of the large window overlooking Kensington, Melody, captivated by the view, turns her head to take in the sites while Gizmo paws anxiously at my legs.

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