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Hercule and Holmes

Hercule and Holmes Notting Hill Cat Company

At just over two years old Hercule is a large gentle British Short Hair with soft grey/ blue fur, a warm and open face and amazing piercing orange eyes. His little brother Holmes is also a British Blue but with yellow eyes and at just over a year younger he is smaller, softer and more curious than his sibling. Of course Holmes looks up to Hercule, following him everywhere and interrupting his quiet reflection by smashing his face into him whenever he has the opportunity. Hercule is clearly fond of his little brother, tolerating his impetuous behaviour with quiet dignity, he sits back and watches while Holmes runs around making a fuss, sniffing every object in sight and making calculated deductions. Holmes loves attention and whenever Hercule is about to get stroked, he runs in front of the out stretched hand so it lands on him instead. Hercule on the other hand is a great thinking cat and prefers to asses a situation quietly, occasionally pacing a few steps while Holmes runs around in determined circles. This often leads to them performing a little dance with Hercule the reluctant partner trying to slip away for some quiet contemplation while Holmes winds around his legs. Both of there soft tails point straight up and Hercules glows with delight as Holmes gets under his paws nudging his way into into his affections.

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