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Marley is a beautiful black and white Moggy who came for a stay of just a few days. Blind since birth and only able to distinguish shadows he was alarmed at finding himself in new surroundings. Less than amused at having to navigate new territory he meowed his protest loudly. Nudging himself into a corner after his owner and confidante had left, he clearly preferred the wall to me. But unable to resist an adventure he was soon pointing his nose skyward and sniffing the air before stepping out into the unknown. After an understandably clumsy start, he remarkably learned the layout of the front room and kitchen in a couple of hours. He never bumps into anything although occasionally finds himself momentarily trapped in an unexpected corner. On returning from an errand I was so surprised to find him nestled comfortably on my kitchen worktop that I broke my own rules and allowed him to stay there, my only concern was how he would find his way down. My question was answered when I heard a large ‘THWACK’ behind me. Balancing in the alcove above the worktop (and I imagine saying a little prayer) he jumped, legs splayed and landed on the ridge of the sofa. His outstretched front paws slid down the backrest before he arrived abruptly on the seat.

Undeterred the kitchen counter became one of his favourite resting places and the ‘thwack’ as he landed on the sofa as familiar as his litany of purrs, chirrups and mews.

His other favourite resting place was nestled beside me on the sofa, and we quickly became firm friends. He would meld his shape into mine and chirrup contentedly as I rubbed his ears and cheeks.

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