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Tripping out of his basket and dazzling me with spectacularly bright orange eyes, Savic pauses momentarily taking in his new surroundings, before bounding around the room after his owner Matsume. He barely allows her a goodbye hug before wriggling out of her arms and continuing to explore. Before the front door has even closed, Savic like a duckling who’s mother has been swapped with an imposter, is immediately following me everywhere. When he isn’t circling my feet or hopping onto my desk and head butting me for attention, he settles on the cat-safe balcony spying on passers by, or straining to listen to the broken notes of a busker crooning on Portobello Road.

At night he happily follows me to bed ready for his next adventure. Curled up in my right arm with his forehead pressed against mine, Savic eventually drifts off to sleep with one ear alert and constantly twitching, determined not to miss a thing.

When Matsume arrives a few days later to pick him up, having thoroughly exhausted me and himself, he voluntarily steps into his basket quite ready to return home.


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