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Lenny and Tia

Snow Savannah Tia and Lenny the Blue Bengal made themselves at home straight away. Lenny is always a little shy and allows Tia to do the work, sending her out to ask for food and disappearing at the first loud noise. Tia is fearless and although the smaller of the two definitely more dominant. When not sleeping, curled up together in their armchair, they would spend their time play fighting, all soft paws and gentle nibbles. I quickly trained Lenny to use the cat flap to get to the litter tray in the cupboard. Poor Tia couldn’t quite get the hang of it, and when she did Lenny would wait outside and ambush her. At breakfast, lunch and dinnertime there was a chorus of miaows that would not stop until their food was in front of them and then they would lick the bowls clean.

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