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Margot arrived with her owners on Friday evening and set about exploring. She is a very sweet cat with a funny little walk, tip topping along for a bit before breaking into a series of lunges for a few strides and then tip topping off again. She is inquisitive and chatty, using her sweet little meow to conduct squeaked conversations. Margots meow always has an intonation that gives the impression she is asking a question, then she'll give you an inquisitive glance and wait for your reply. Like that we chatted away while I cooked dinner in the kitchen.

Initially Margot was a little shy and would tip top past, pausing just in front of me, brushing against my leg and casually arching her back for a stroke. When I finally get the message, her little tail pointing completely upright, quivers with delight and later, emboldened, she would hop onto the sofa with me and park her little bottom on my leg, gently demanding some attention while I watched TV .

Last night she slept mostly with me on the bed and her gentle rolling purr lulled me to sleep, in the morning she came and gave me a cautious nose bump and settled onto my legs, still purring and waiting patiently for her breakfast.

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