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Aziza & Kosha

When Aziza and Kosha arrived I thought Aziza would be the quiet one as she immediately sought refuge behind the sofa, reluctant to come out. Her sister Kosha on the other hand stuck her nose in the air and wandered around exploring fearlessly. By the next morning they had both relaxed and appeared bright eyed and bushy tailed at my feet. Splitting into two they separated and circled me in opposite directions, staring up at me imploringly with their huge eyes.

It’s been a few days now and they seem to take turns in following me around. Aziza usually wakes me in the morning, approaching cautiously over the mountainous quilt and gently mewing as if to check that I'm awake. She is a true explorer and a fantastic climber, often to be found staring up at the highest cupboards and wondering how she might possible get into them. I have twice caught her climbing an impossibly straight ladder that leads to a platform bed close to the ceiling ( I have had to block it now), and yesterday morning she managed to scale the clothes rack in my bedroom and dove from the top straight onto my bed. She loves attention and is often to be found sauntering slowly past my computer screen while I try to get some work done.

Kosha on the other hand is just as eager for attention but is less subtle about it. While Aziza will purr gently and circle my feet Kosha just runs straight past me stopping abruptly just in front and throwing herself onto the floor. She stretches her body out to its full length and then rolls onto her back so I can see her fluffy white belly and fluffy white paws. Looking irresistibly cute with one paw in front of her face and the other one outstretched towards me, she demands to be cuddled.

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