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Pippin's Wonder

After a lovely visit last weekend Pippin's back for more. A gentleman cat, even after a disrupted start in life Pippin seems to come from a different age. Fascinated by modern and not quite so modern technology he stared in wonder at my ipad this morning, his eyes nearly popping out of his head when the little icons started to move and dance on the screen at the wave of my fingers. Not sure how to cope with this Pippin used the top edge of the machine for a quick neck rub. His large head dwarfed the tiny figures on the screen as he stared down in amazement with his chin dangling awkwardly amongst the cast of Eastenders.

Much later while chasing a bouncing ball he happened in front of the washing machine that was plundering loudly through a cycle and stopped in his tracks. Forgetting the lure of the brightly coloured bouncy ball he sat directly in front of the machine and watched in head swaying amazement as as the contents sloshed lazily around.

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