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5 yr old Pippin arrived yesterday, a solid ginger Tom who’d been recently rescued and even more recently had the snip. As a rescue cat he had been re homed several times and returned because he was aggressive without anyone at the centre noticing he had never been neutered. This was a shocking oversight considering the size of his very developed balls, and very unsettling for the affectionate Pippin who was being bounced from home to home.

We watched as he padded around the front room pointing his speckled pink nose in the direction of anything that took his interest before settling on the large scratch pad. His new owner Shirley a veteran cat rescuer stayed for a cup of tea as he settled in and for the next few hours he relaxed happily into the new situation playing with his favourite toys, even chilling out on the sofa ( which he never does at home), snuffling down his snacks and even giving my hand the odd cheek rub.

I left home happily that evening to feed my other cat charges and when I arrived back a couple of hours later Pippin was nowhere to be seen. I found him comfortably squished under the sofa and he refused to be coaxed out with treats or toys. I was starting to get worried when a couple of hours later he emerged from underneath the couch with a huge yawn and proceeded to clean himself top to toe, before plonking himself on the sofa for another snooze.

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