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Rosa and Silver Return

It’s been about 10 months since I last saw Rosa and Silver as big kittens, and they are just as exquisite as ever. Much bigger now but with the same delicate faces and fine bone structure, just a little more mature. Silver seems sleeker her beautiful face more defined, the shadows that sculpt her features are darker but all the sweetness is still there. Rosa is much larger than before, her velvety smooth grey coat sprinkled with soft pink, fawn and white splatters. Half a pink nose here, a white eyelid there. Her face is a little rounder now, some of the innocence gone and replaced with a bold confidence.

It is Rosa that first approaches me first when she and Silver exit their box sniffing hard. She points her little face into the air and squints her eyes in my direction. We all wonder if they will remember me and this place, but Rosa gives us no clues as she continues past me following her nose. They are thorough Rosa and Silver and seem to work together, like cops searching for clues as they each wander around a different section of the room. Their mannerisms are remarkably similar and watching them explore I noticed how often they seem to be doing something completely different on opposite sides of the room, but still too reflect each other. I test this theory as they wander off in different directions, calling them suddenly ‘Rosa, Silver’ They both stop immediately pulling their backs into a gentle arch and craning their necks to see where the noise came from; they are the perfect mirror image.

Later Rosa and Silver retreat to the edges of the room disappearing behind sofas and underneath the little tables, continuing their search.

They reappear later, Silver emerging slowly from her basket and Rosa springing effortlessly onto the sofa. Rosa throws her head back and lets out a loud meow in Silvers direction and Silver crouches low onto the floor her ears laying flat to her head. To my surprise Rosa snarls down at Silver who is frozen in position and lets out an anguished growl before turning and running back to her basket. Rosa stretches out her body (right to her tip toes and yawns before licking her front paw once or twice then heading in my direction.

‘Rosa’ I say shocked ‘that wasn't very nice, what about poor Silver?’

Rosa climbs into my lap and continues to wash herself while Silver stays put in the basket. Anytime Silver comes out of the basket that night Rosa snarls at her angrily and she retreats .

I have to go out for a while and thankfully when I come back both Rosa and Silver are in better moods- they have rediscovered the bedroom and practise disappearing and popping up a few times before they both settled down together on the bed.

Later that night firm friends again they chased each other around the front room, Silver skidding into the tunnel while Rosa tries to head her off at both ends. It’s great to see them playing together again and I get cuddles from both of them. Rosa plants herself on me while Im working at the desk and SIlver lodges herself between my legs and the sofa cushion while Im watching a film. I wake up with her still there a few hours later and rosa snoozing gently close by.

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