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Wrapping Paper

Wrapping a parcel yesterday with Pandora and Chicken at close hand quickly descended into a farce. Firstly I had to print the label, which was tricky enough with Pandora standing right in front of the computer and her bushy tail floating up to obscure the top left hand corner where the print button is. When I finally managed to manoeuvre the mouse around her body and brushed her bushy tail aside to press and print the label she stuck her nose in the bit of the printer the paper goes in and her paw in the bit where it comes out. Meanwhile Chicken had settled down on the wrapping paper and was giving herself a thorough clean. She moved after I gave her a gentle nudge leaving behind a crushed, cat shaped indentation in the paper. She didn’t abandon me though, that is not in Chickens nature, she stuck around to chew up the sticky tape…


I gave Pandora’s thick healthy coat a brush and she stretched out on the floor in appreciation, rolling onto her back and stretching each paw into a point, turning this way and that in a series of glorious poses as I brushed her belly. Once finished, I found Chicken who was watching us with curiosity from the scratching bed on the other side of the room. She purred her appreciation as I brushed her, and like Pandora soon collapsed onto the scratching bed and rolled over stretching so all the fur on her belly stood up in little spikes that pointed towards the ceiling. Unfortunately she forgot she was lying on a narrow surface and fell over the side. She climbed back on sheepishly while I pretended not to notice and we continued her groom…

The Little Mouse

Pandora has become very attached to a fluffy white toy mouse about the size of my thumb. Im not sure where it came from, or when it first appeared, but she is often to be found amusing herself with it. Chicken tries to join in sometimes but it is definitely Pandoras toy. For the last three nights she has been bringing it to bed with her and as I drift off to sleep she starts tossing it about the bed, following it with a bounce over the mattress. As she springs across the bed, (using me for leverage if necessary) I am jigged out of my sleep by the uneven movement of her step. I turn the light on and see her joyously swinging her head from side to side,the toy mouse dangling by its toy tail from her mouth. I wait for her to drop the mouse and then grab it, hurling it as far away as I can down the hallway before going to sleep. I wake up the next morning to find her curled up at the bottom of the bed with her favourite toy.

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