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The Love of a Sphynx


Sunday night and Rameses lay atop me on the sofa clinging to me like a little koala bear.When I tried to detach him he clung tighter and buried his head in my neck licking so hard that I worried he’d break my skin. Holding him tight he feels warm and solid like a needy baby that is attached to my neck by suction. I try to calm him down but before long the nuzzling turns to biting and I am forced to detach. His ears flatten back and I notice his pupils are wide and wild. Launching himself at my hand Rameses bites,not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough that you can feel it. I hold his little body away but he keeps coming, wild with excitement and delirious with affection he attacks my hand over and over. I remember his owner Najwans advice to distract him by throwing a scrunchy or something, and although I don’t have one of those, I grab some newspaper, scrunchy it into a tight ball and launch it from the sofa and down the hallway. Before it makes its first bounce Rameses is flying down the hallway after it, and in no time he is back with the scrunched up newspaper, still in the form of a ball and he drops it at my feet. I screw up every sheet of the newspaper and ball them up, lining them up beside me between me and the back of the sofa. We passed the evening like this me throwing balls of newspaper and Rameses chasing them, until eventually he tired and came back to lay on my chest, exhausted. So the evening ended as it began with Rameses panting heavily on my chest and me reassuring him. The next day would be my last one with him for a while and although he was only going to my neighbours for a few days it would be certainly be a wrench for me and for him.

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