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Whenever Alex drops Pandora and Chicken off, he asks me if I think they'll remember him, 'Yes' I say 'Of course', and although I am sure cats do remember their owners, when they are collected by them, they often act as if they've never seen them before and ignore them completely.

When the fabulous Maine Coon sisters Pandora and Chicken were picked up yesterday I was surprised by their reaction. When Tara (Alex's partner) arrived, Pandora, as is her nature, approached with caution and as if to double check her eyes weren't deceiving her, gave Tara's hand a preliminary sniff. She looked from Tara to me quizzically and as Tara hunched down to say hello, Chicken, who was in her favourite Jasmine pot snoozing on the balcony, heard Tara's voice and instantly burst through the (open) window and into the front room. In two bounces she crossed a twenty foot room and landed on the seat of the armchair directly in front of Tara. Immediatly bouncing onto the back of the armchair and eye level with Tara, who she squawked at (a rough translation would probably be 'Where the hell do you think you've been'). Tara squawked back with absolute delight and they melted into a cuddle.

She's a lovely little thing Chicken and still a bit of a baby often nestling in my arms squawking, and I wonder sometimes if she misses her mum or if she just needs some attention. Chicken's reaction to Tara's voice was immediate and dramatic, as though she'd been searching for her for weeks and had almost given up when she finally heard her voice. It was the most beautiful display of feline affection for their owners I have ever seen and Tara's face shone with joy.

The flat is quiet and still tonight without my furry friends, but I'll go to sleep happy thinking of Chicken bouncing into Tara's arms at the sound of her voice....

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