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Chicken in the Pot


Pandora likes to snooze on the cat stand on the left of the balcony while Chicken normally hangs out in the furthest corner on the right. She’ll usually lounge on the bench or curl up in the large potted Jasmine and come in covered in bits of leaves and dirt.Yesterday evening while enjoying a glass of wine with a friend I looked out to the balcony and noticed to my surprise that Chicken was not only sitting on Pandora’s cat tree, she was also sitting right on Pandoras back. I think she wanted to get a higher perch but poor old Pandora didn’t look to comfortable and it made me wonder for all Pandora’s posturing who is really in charge?

Wakey Wakey

Chicken crosses the duvet on my bed like a tiger crossing unknown jungle, with caution. She approaches stealthily, gently testing every step before taking it. I feel first one foot then another mount my back. Know matter how many times it happens I am always surprised by the third foot. By the time the fourth foot lands it feels like a herd of miniature buffalo’s are crossing my back. When she arrives at the top of the duvet she peers over the edge and stares at me pretending to sleep.When I can no longer resist I open my eyes to see Chicken staring down at me, however another set of eyes are also willing me to wake and I see pandora sitting quite still on the window sill. Turning my head I check the time: 6.39am, and I sink back into the softness for another 30 minutes sleep. The cats try another tactic and chase each other the length of the hallway, their little paws sounding like hammers on the wooden floorboards. I start to doze immediately, sleepily mumbling ‘ssshhhh’ into my pillow.

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