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Sassy the Munchkin

Sassy Notting Hill Cat COmpany

Sassy a tiny, fluffy grey Munchkin cat that looks like a cat version of a sausage dog, arrives and trots confidently out of her basket. Her tail stands straight, arching over her back as she explores my apartment, running from one object to another. She is a seasoned traveller just over from Paris and has no qualms about meeting new people or going to new places. With short legs and a medium length coat that falls to her paws she looks as though she is floating when she walks, and like a bullet as she gathers speed. She jumps onto the sofa for a better view out of the window and before long Sassy is exploring the balcony and rolling excitedly on the slate tiles. There she stays for a few minutes, her paws in the air, gently rocking and contemplating the world. She rolls back to an upright position and looks around, her small stature making the grasses and ferns look like a tropical jungle. In the evening if Sassy is not on the balcony watching the world go by she will hop onto the sofa next to me, falling into an easy sleep. Sassy loves the morning and I wake to find her on the window ledge chatting to the birds. She is an extremely gentle cat and is happy to be carried from window to window, leaning her head against mine she stares out enjoying the sensations of looking at the world from a new height.

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