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Ninou a cat of many pleasures

Ninou is a beautiful cat with similar colouring and markings to those of a Siberian Husky puppy, a mixture of grey and white fur with huge soft white paws and perfectly round and permanently startled piercing green eyes. He is as trusting and playful as a pup too, constantly demanding attention and approval. He will follow me from room to room sitting on my lap when I'm at my computer or nestling at my feet while I do the washing up, staring up at me impatiently eager for the next head rub.

Sometimes he will disappear for a while and when I call his name, shouting ‘Ni…’ down the hallway, he appears before I have a chance to finish with the ‘Nou’, bounding across the sitting room and bouncing onto the sofa before collapsing sideways onto my lap and stretching out his long limbs and furry paws in front of me.

But in every other way Ninou is very much a French cat of many pleasures. He loves to curl up on the cushion in my work chair and while it is still warm, fall asleep so convincingly in an instant that it is surely an art form. When I return I am reluctant to wake him, so while he snoozes away contentedly I am forced to nudge him over gently with my bottom and, perched on the edge of the chair try to finish my work. He also loves a good head rub and likes nothing better than to barge straight into you face first and demand you give him the attention he deserves, nuzzling into your hand and purring in satisfaction .

Another of Ninou’s great loves us his stuffed white rat, tattered and greying with age and dangling off a bit of frayed string, Ninou will pounce on it unexpectedly piercing it with his razor sharp claws and flinging it into a the air above him. It will often get stuck on one of his claws and there follows a little dance in the air as he tries to extract it with his other paw, or teeth and it bounces from paw to paw, convincingly dead and ultimately ending up between a finally satisfied Ninou's jaws. Occasionally he will ceremoniously present you with his kill, dropping the serially murdered toy at your feet like a gift before looking up at you for approval, which I give him like a proud step mum, patting his head and scrunching his furry cheeks.


In the morning after a cuddle and compliments he will follow me into the bedroom and while I lazily answer emails and drink tea in bed, (myself a half French woman of many pleasures) he will sit on the window ledge bird watching, totally transfixed and completely still apart from his tail slapping furiously against the radiator. Occasionally like now he will wander over for a cheek rub getting in my way and nuzzling against my iPad turning the letters on my keyboard into strange looking emoji’🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀

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