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Frequently Asked Questions Cat Boarding

What happens if my flight is cancelled/delayed  and/or I can't get back on the arranged date?

If there is an unavoidable delay which results in a short crossover between cats arriving and cats leaving, we will place the departing cat in another room with litter tray, food and water. If this is an extended delay and we have another booking we will arrange to accommodate your cat locally. Normal charges apply.

What happens if my cat becomes ill whilst I'm am away?

Of course, we will contact you immediately. We also take the contact details of someone close to you that can help make decisions  in case you are unreachable. Clients are also required to fill out a vet release form in case your cat needs veterinary care whilst away from home. We have an agreement with a number of local vets and can take your cat there in case of any emergencies.

What if my cat needs medication?

All our boarding agents can administer basic medication such as pills, creams, ear drops etc. Some can also give your cat insulin injections but this is not the case for all our agents so please let me know when making your enquiry. There is no extra charge for this service.

Will I be updated on my cat's progress?

Yes, we are happy to send updates by email, SMS or whatsapp.

Are Notting Hill Cat Company boarding agents insured to look after my cat?

Yes, we are insured by Pet Business Insurance which covers legal liability for animals in our care, custody or control.

Do I need to provide cat food and cat litter?

We ask you to provide enough of your cat's normal food to last the duration of their visit. Food can be ordered from a website and delivered to us via websites such as or www.petsupermarket.comWe provide the cat litter and tray.

Does my cat need to be registered with a vet?

Yes, I will ask for this information prior to boarding.



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