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Frequently Asked Questions Cat Boarding

My cat is aggressive and has problems with strangers. Can I still board him/her with you?

If your cat has problems with aggression we would appreciate honesty. It does not mean we will not board your cat but instead gives us the opportunity to meet your cat and see if we get on. If your cat is aggressive towards strangers we can possibly work together to help your cat to feel comfortable  prior to boarding. If we are unaware of your cat's aggressive behaviour and he or she attacks myself or one of the team I will have no choice but to find alternative accommodation at your expense.

How does your cat boarding service differ from a cattery?

Catteries in general house cats in cages (sometimes called chalets) that are approx 3ft x 3ft. They sometimes have a small run that they can use to exercise. Their neighbours are strangers and diseases and infections can pass easily between them. This combination of factors as you can imagine is very stressful for your cat.  At Notting Hill Cat Company our aim is to alleviate your worries and create a loving home environment for your cat. Firstly your cat will be the sole boarder and will not have to share his space with anyone. There are no cages and doors are left open so cats are free to roam. All of our boarders love cats so your kitty will be given lots of attention, playtime and cuddles. We couldn't be more different from a cattery if we tried!

I love cats and would like to become a boarding agent for Notting Hill Cat Company. Are there any jobs available?

We are always looking for the right people to board with us. For current positions please see our Jobs Page

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