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Ever since I started my cat sitting

business in 2013, my dad has been a loyal supporter. Every week he diligently scours the local newspapers for articles about cats cutting them out and sending them to me. If there's a

particular interesting or moving story he'll ring me up and give me a summarised report.

The pile of cuttings grows larger by the week and my dad, who is obsessive by nature, at 80 years young shows no sign of slowing down. So I thought I would share them, along with photos and observations from Pappy Ulric with the visitors of this site.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Yasmine Hassan

Yasmine Staff Photo

Yasmine came to us highly recommended by another member of our team and we couldn’t be happier. Her lifelong love of animals (her personal menagerie currently consists of a rabbit, a lizard and a cat, Oreo) her conscientious nature, professionalism, attention to detail and total and utter adoration of cats means our customers and cats love her as much as we do.

Specialities: Yasmine is great with all of our cats, young, old, timid, confident, rambunctious and cuddly.

Customer Recommendations: '... Since we've been away Yasmine has been absolutely amazing. She sends updates every time she visits, including photos and videos, and our cats plainly adore her - and she them. She has also gone above and beyond just the cat sitting and has flagged and helped fix other house related issues (including speakers being turned on (by the cats), external gates being left open etc.) and is also an excellent photographer.' Frederick Gardner 2022

Yasmine is available for home visits in and around Notting Hill


Anca Petrescu

Always an animal lover Anca and her partner Alex have a profound connection with all cats. Anca has a personal relationship with every street cat within a 5 kilometre radius of her home and Alex grew up in a home that on occasion housed up to 23 cats. with Ancas kind and curious nature and Alex’s unprecedented experience with felines they make the perfect addition to our team 😊

Specialities: Anca and Alex have welcomed all of our cats and have a soft spot for all moggies.

Anca is available for home boarding and home visits in and around Notting Hill.

Debbie Walker


I was at school with Debbie and while her peers spent their free time larking about, Debbie worked part time at the local vets. She has always found a way to be near animals and cats have weaved their way through her life, from her first cat Sooty, a little black cat with attitude, to the feline siblings Suki and Pie that she raised with her own family.

There have been many cats in between rescued, loved and rehomed by Debbie and I was delighted when she was free to work with us. She has been an immediate hit with our cats and customers alike quickly building a strong rapport with both.

Specialities: Cat loving all rounder specialising in cat cuddling and play.

Debbie is available for home visits in Notting Hil.

Christiana Demetriou


We are extremely lucky to have Christiana on our team. She has an impressive history of rescuing cats from her native Cyprus and more recently from Dubai. Her and her husband George, have recently stepped in to foster a cat that we were desperate to find a home for. He was found on the streets of Dubai with horrific injuries and is now coming on in leaps and bounds under the care of Christiana and George.

Specialities: Rescue cats, street cats and any cat in need of love and care.

Personal Recommendation: 'Christiana has rescued, fostered, rehomed and provided compassionate care for cats in the years I have known her. I have no doubt that Cyprus strays and the rescue community lost a great asset when { Christiana } moved to the UK.

Dr Michelle Chivers, October 2020

Christiana is available for cat sitting in the Notting Hill area and when not looking after rescuing cats in her home is available for home boarding.

Finnley Peverall (Stephanie's son) 


At six and a half years old, Stephanie's son, Finn is currently the youngest member of our team. Finnley is a natural with cats and like mum, the gentlest of souls. He has grown up with two cats Nico, a cuddly teddy bear of a cat and Arlo a more recent, loveable rescue with a spikey temperament. Finn navigates between these two very different cats with ease, learning the art of the cat cuddle with Nico and how to tread lightly with Arlo.

Specialities: Tiptoeing, being very patient and super cat cuddling skills, (but only when requested by the cat!)

Customer Recommendations: My lovely rescue cat Pippa is a bit nervous of new people but she loves it when Steph and her son Finn come to look after her and play - Finn is probably better at this than us grown ups and Pippa looks forward to games with Finn and even sitting close- but not TOO close...Patricia Roberts, Kensington, August 2021

Finnley is available, accompanied by his mum during school holidays and some weekends.


Deborah Bartlett

A client and a friend, Deborah is a cat rescuing architect who lives in the local area with her two furry friends. Pinot, her very own gorgeous grumpy cat and Angelina, who was rescued by Deborah from a village in France and nursed back to health with such devotion that she is convinced that it is her destiny to be served.

Specialities: A friend of Notting Hill Cat Company that specialises in grumpy and peculiar cats.

Customer Recommendations: Deborahs two cats Pinot and Angelina are happy to testify to her love and empathetic care of cats and so am I.

Deborah, when not travelling is available for cat sitting duties in and around the Notting Hill area.

Emma Blakemore
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