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Frequently Asked Questions Cat Sitting
Do you require advance payment?

Yes full payment is required in advance

Do I need to give you a key to my house?

Yes in order for us to make visits we require a key to your home. There is a small charge of £10 for collecting and £10 dropping off the key. You are also welcome to drop the key off or collect it from me at Notting Hill Cat Company.

Can you post the key through the letterbox at the end of the visit?

We prefer to wait until we know you are back before returning the key. This is in case you are delayed and I am unable to gain access your cat.

I go away regularly. Is it possible for you to keep my key for me?

Yes, we are happy to act as key holders. As a safety precaution, your key is kept separately from your address and identified only by your cat’s name/s. We are insured to hold your keys for you and this is often a convenient solution for us as well as you.

My cat has behavioural issues and/or is sometimes aggressive. Can you still look after him/her?

I will have to meet your cat to ascertain if it is possible to board him/her. Please let me know in advance if your cat has problems with aggression.

What special steps do you take if my cat is shy and hides from strangers?

If your cat hides, we will ask you to show us their favourite hiding places. We will search  for your cat to make sure he is only hiding and not injured. Often a cat that hides on the first visit will come out to visit and get attention on the second visit. Some cats hide very well. As a result, we may not be able to find them. When this happens, we will use other evidence  such as seeing if food is being eaten and the litter box is being used.

What special steps do you take with very young kittens?

Young cats that have not yet been fully inoculated have a higher likelihood of becoming ill. As a result, we take certain steps to reduce the risk to these pets. We remove our shoes outside your home. We wash our hands thoroughly before touching anything in your house when we first arrive.

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