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As usual its been an interesting month at Notting Hill Cat’s, as well as all our scrumptious regular kitty clients, we have met and fallen for some new cats along the way.

Debo and Decca our pair of aristo cats, named after the aristocratic sisters Debo and Decca Mitford, are quite the silliest cats I have ever met. Debo is a gentle black cat with pale green eyes that loves nothing more than to lie on her back with all four paws in the air, rocking backwards and forwards staring dreamily into space. Her other hobby is tasting things to check if they are edible and then eating them anyway. She likes to nibble on human hair before breakfast and has acquired a taste for brown envelopes, preferably ones that contain bills, but she is also quite partial to a cardboard box. I often arrive to find the crumbed leftovers of a half chewed letter scattered around the hallway. Decca, a fluffy black and white cat with fine curled whiskers and round eyes, likes to perch on the edge of things. Her favourite perching object is definitely the sink. Whilst I’m cleaning the litter tray below, Decca, will tiptoe around the perimeter weaving under and over the tap before settling sideways on the edge. Leaning as far over as she possible, she then swishes her long tail over the side, giving me a gentle swipe across the top of my head. Both cats love to sit on my head and back simultaneously. They sit perfectly still like two pigeons on a statue in Trafalgar Square until I get bored and shake them off.

After visiting these two funny cats I call upon Juno a relatively new kitty client whose owner jokingly describes as evil. In Roman mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter, queen of heavens and protector of women. In truth she is a tiny silver British Short hair tabby with massive eyes and an even bigger attitude. There is no doubt she is the Queen and as I arrive I kneel down to greet her, offering my humble hand for a sniff. Juno obliges but is unimpressed and not in a forgiving mood. Hissing at me she swipes away my hand, but being used to unpredictable cats, I move just in time. Sighing and glad I have trousers on I edge round a still annoyed Juno and make my way to the kitchen. She walks backward in front of me, staring up at me crossly and giving me the odd swipe to help me along my way. Once in the kitchen she calms down at the prospect of food and watches approvingly as I reach for breakfast. Wearily I bend down to get her bowl and Juno springs into action aiming for my hand. I look for something to distract her and finding a tangerine, rolling it across the floor. Juno immediately chases it out of the kitchen door and by the time she is back breakfast is served and she happily eats her fill.

Cleo is the perfect antidote to Juno, we have been looking after her since she was 5 months old and she is now just over a year old. As soon as she sees me she collapses onto the floor rolling onto her back to say hello. I lay on the floor next to her and she stretches out her neck and gently sniffs my face so closely I can feel her tiny breaths. Cleo is a tuxedo cat with fur as soft as snow, sporting a white collar and cuffs, two white spots of fur on her top lip and one on the tip of her nose. She loves human company but seems perplexed by us. I often catch her staring at me with her head cocked to one side and a quizzical look in her clear yellow eyes. Her favourite toy has always been her blue and red caterpillar on a string and as soon as she sees it flicker she crouches into position, flattening her tummy to the floor, wagging her tail ready to attack.

Sissy my final visitor of the morning, is the original naughty tortie and she also has a favourite toy. It’s a fluffy tail on a stick that has the exact same colouring as Sissy. Sissy is the most athletic of all my charges. She flys through the air, spinning and turning mid jump to catch her fluffy nemesis. Sissy loves human company and is really affectionate but she just cant resist giving a human hand a little nip now and then. Sometimes it is a warning to give her space but usually it’s a friendly nibble of appreciation when she is served her favourite tuna fish dinner. Post dinner she will wonder in and rub her cheeks across the side of your hand ready for a chin rub and before long she is rolling on the floor with pleasure.

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