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Claude is a Parisian kitty with an attitude. He is a little bit clumsy and as a kitten managed to smash a glass as he jumped off a counter. The glass shattered around him and he was stuck in a corner for hours unable to move until his owner got home and rescued him. They bonded there and then, his owner Mark tells me proudly over a cup of tea. Claude ignores us as he takes a good look around sniffing the air as he goes. He tests out every surface before settling in the cat cave with a catnip sardine. High on the fake fish he rolls out of the cave and while pressing it to his face with his paws he inhales the heady scent and rocks backwards and forwards.

After spending sometime on the balcony he hops onto a heated cushion and when I absentmindedly attempt to stroke him he slaps my hand away with his paw, ‘how rude’ his eyes seem to say, so I apologise. I am soon forgiven though as Claude sidles up to me when he decides it's time for a cuddle. I take care not to annoy him and by the time Mark comes to collect him the next day Claude and I are firm friends,

Before they leave I turn on my latest cat toy and as the butterfly spins and flutters around its base, Claude try's in vain to catch it. Mark demonstrates for Claude again and again how to trap the butterfly, cupping his hand into the shape of a paw and trapping it gently underneath. 10 minutes later when Claude finally captures the butterfly in both paws Mark and I cheer so loudly he loses his grip and the plastic butterfly flutters to freedom. Mark sighs and bemoans the fact that Claude is not a hunter as he gives him a reassuring cuddle and drops him in his basket before heading home.

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