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Colds and Catnapping


I’ve been coming down with a cold for a few days and Rosa has been very sweet sticking by me but quite sensibly keeping some distance from my violent sneezing. Silver has decided the safest place for her is the carry case they both arrived in, where she’ll often curl up for a quick snooze. Indeed they both return to it (often together) for comfort and to remind them of home. When Rosa and Silver first came the intention was to store their crate under the bed but when I tried to move it they both gathered round me and looked so bereft that I didn’t have the heart to. So the crate has stayed in the corner of the room and if ever I can’t find Silver that is usually where she’s at.

The more the evening went on the worse I felt, sniffling and sneezing so much that by the time I went to bed I felt quite light headed. So much so that when I collapsed into bed that night I completely forgot to close the door to the front room and my bedroom. I woke sometime later to a small thud on the bed followed by tiny little footsteps. As they approached my still fuzzy head the sound of deep purring was filled the room, and in the dark, sounded like a little tiger was patrolling the pillows where I slept. Soon whoever it was, Rosa or Silver, sidled down the side of my body and curled up next to me while I drifted back to sleep.

I woke hours later to the sound of Rosa and Silver charging through the open doors from one end of the flat to another. I felt better than I had in a while and was surprised how much noise two such light footed, athletic cats can make. There footsteps sounded like a drum roll and then they would jump onto something and land with a mighty thump on the wooden floor. By 8.30am I’d managed to drag myself out of bed and the two restless kittens were nowhere in sight. Picking up their food bowls I realised that apart from their water they were both completely empty,’ Oh no,’ I said out loud ‘The poor kits,’ but before I could say another word Rosa and Silver both appeared at my feet, mewing and curling themselves around my ankles.


When I put their bowls down they both chomped so hard all their breakfast disappeared before I had a chance to sit down. But when I did Silver bounced on to the sofa with me and curled up beside me for a sleep. Within seconds Rosa had joined us squeezing in somewhere between Silver and me, and we all took a well deserved morning nap.

Here are some of Silva and Rosas favourite places:

The laundry basket empty or full, Rosa loves it and manages to peep through the gaps to see what’s going on without anyone knowing that she’s there.


The chair with the cat blankets on: Unlike the fairy tale princess who slept on twenty mattresses but could still feel the tiny pea that was hidden underneath, Rosa seems quite comfortable sleeping on top of just five cat blankets…


The very thin box: Silver managed to slink her way into this tiny flat box, a great hiding place from anything she is trying to hunt. The only thing is when she try’s chase anything its impossible for her to get out of the box in time, so she waddles around like a tortoise squashed into her shell, the box conspicuously going wherever she does…


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