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What happens when you contact me ?

After finding out your requirements  I will invite you to visit my home and meet me in person. If we are both happy I will book your cat in and ask you to fill out a short form with information about your cat: contact details, feeding instructions, vets name, likes/dislikes etc. This will be used to help to settle your cat and in the unlikely event of an emergency


Do I need to supply cat food and litter?

Yes. in an unfamiliar environment it is important that your cat has their favorite food and usual cat litter. This helps them to settle in and prevents little accidents. Food and cat litter can be ordered in advance and delivered to my address via websites such as



Does my cat need to be registered with a vet?

Yes it's very important that your cat is registered with a local vet and that I have this information prior to your cats arrival. This is vital in the unlikely event that your cat gets taken ill. I will ask you to fill in a form that will provide me with all the appropriate information.

How do I use the calendar?

The calendar is a very simple tool designed for my customers to see availability at a glance.  At the top of the page you will see the current month. Use the arrows to the left and right to click through to the month when you need cat boarding. If any of the dates are high lighted in orange they have already been booked. However please contact me and let me know your dates so I can inform you of any cancellations

Does my cat/s need to be inoculated before boarding with you?

Yes, all cats boarded at Notting Hill Cat Boarding need to have completed a full course of F3 vaccination.  F3 is the minimum requirement and covers Feline Enteritis and Feline Respiratory Disease/Cat Influenza. Cats coming from abroad need certification of an up to date rabbies vacine. Certificates can be emailed before hand or brought with you to our first meeting. This is a requirement.

How does your cat boarding service differ from a cattery?

​Catteries in general house cats in cages (sometimes called chalets) that are approx 3ft x 3ft. They sometimes have a small run that they can use to excercise. Their neighbours are strangers and diseases and infections can pass easily between them. This combination of factors as you can imagine is very stressfull for your cat.  At Notting Hill Cat Boarding our aim is to alleviate your worries and create a loving home environment for your cat. Firstly your cat will be the sole boarder and will not have to share his space with anyone. There are no cages and doors are left open so cats are free to roam. I am home for the majority of the day and cats are given lots of attention, playtime and cuddles. We couldn't be more different from a cattery if we tried!


What if I have an aggressive cat or my cat has problems with strangers?
As I board cats in my own home it is really important that I get on with your cat. If your cat has problems with aggression I would appreciate honesty. It does not mean I will not board your cat but instead gives me the opportunity to meet you cat and see if we get on. If your cat is aggressive towards strangers we can possibly work together to help your cat to feel comfortable in my presence prior to boarding. If I am unaware of your cats aggressive behaviour and he or she attacks me I will have no choice but to find alternative accommodation at your expense.
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